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Sucka Free Love!

Sucka Free Love by Deborrah Cooper

Trade paperback and Kindle editions are available on Amazon.Com

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Sucka Free Love! examines the self-defeating patterns of singles that repeatedly select inappropriate romantic partners.

“I’ve been providing advice on relationships for 15 years. I can say with confidence that when it comes to love, it’s what you don’t know that hurts you! I’ve seen thousands of examples where, if the advice seeker had the practical knowledge about dating games and indirect communication contained in this book, they could have prevented subsequent drama and heartbreak.”

Sucka Free Love swiftly sets itself apart from the “me too” relationship books so prevalent in the industry. Readers are presented with a refreshingly down to earth, street smart perspective on modern relationships and dating patterns.

Easy to implement techniques for recognizing and eliminating insincere, emotionally unavailable game players are presented throughout the question and answer format book.

For those struggling along in a go-nowhere relationship, Cooper’s 30-minute relationship assessment survey (included in print edition only) confirms if the reader is dating a "sucka"or not.

“With more than 95 million singles in the U.S., finding a good match can certainly be a challenge. You can continue to leave this up to chance, or you can learn how to quickly eliminate time wasting suckas. Dating 'sucka free' requires that you create a roadmap to the person you really want and stay focused and on track.”

Cooper tackles controversial issues facing contemporary singles such as:

  • the emotional and psychological risks of the increasingly common sex-based 'friends with benefits' relationship
  • honest discussion of the pitfalls and challenges couples dating outside of their race or traditional age range may encounter
  • why 'love conquers all' is a romantic fantasy best abandoned
  • finding the courage to date and love again after getting burned