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Worldwide, women are socialized to believe that the gold standard of feminine accomplishment is a walk down the aisle of holy matrimony. In their anxiety-driven quest for a two-carat rock, many women will align themselves with anything male that has a pulse.

Most women live in terror of being alone and growing old without a man; poor choices in a mate made hastily is the usual result. Sadly, these fast-track relationships end often as quickly as they began. A favorite and oft quoted phrase by my grandfather was “act in haste, repent in leisure.” Women must better prepare themselves for the rigors of dating, develop the patience to pace new relationships slowly and hone their critical and analytical skills. Women must allay their fears of being single, and instead take their time to determine a man’s true compatibility and rightness for long-term involvement.

I used to believe most women could recognize when a man was truly a waste of time and not someone they should be bothered with, but I was very wrong. I’ve been shocked and disappointed hundreds of times to see dirty, drug addicted, alcoholic, half-crazy men with adoring wives and girlfriends. These women were no slouches either, but well educated, polished and sometimes professionals in their fields. Thankfully though, the vast majority of women seek to be more discerning.

Even when trying to be careful, women sometimes find themselves in situations with men that are lacking in some very important areas of compatibility. Younger women are especially vulnerable if they haven’t been taught what to look for with regards to personality and character flaws. This book will provide you with clear cut descriptions of and behavior patterns exhibited by the suckas of the world. Most of us over the age of 16 have met, dated and/or loved at least one or more of these guys in the past.

Written in the classic straightforward and direct manner that the author is known for, The 24 Types of Suckas to Avoid addresses mature subject matter in a no-nonsense tone. If you are the sensitive type or abhor conversation peppered with colorful expletives, consider yourself warned. When caught in a self-defeating cycle, it seems that most people don’t really ‘get’ what they’re doing wrong until someone directly confronts their behavior and eliminates any and all excuses – that person is me.

Be aware… many suckas may fit into more than one category, but all of them are high risks for loving relationships. Close contact with the villains on this list will always prove to be damaging to your mind, heart, spirit, and often your bank account as well.