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Table of Contents


The 24 Types of Suckas to Avoid

The Too Nice Rattlesnake

The Emotional Wasteland

The Dream Weaver

The Indiscriminate Baby Breeder

The Transient Mooch

The Emotionally Abusive Sociopath

The Repeat Offender

The Brokeback Mountain Down Low Man

The Addict/Substance Abuser

The Serial Monogamist

The Broken Patient

The Big Ass Baby

The Player

The Indecisive Man That Can’t Make Up His Mind

The Unadulterated Freak

The Narcissist Who Loves Himself More Than You Ever Could

The Perpetrating Frontin’ Man

The Mama’s Boy

The Medicine Man

The ABC Man – Angry, Bitter and Critical

The Woman Hating Misogynist

The Religious Fanatic

The Bitch Made He-Motional He-Bitch

The Stupid Is and Stupid Does Man

Changing Your Mate Selection Criteria

The Makings of a Great Husband

Finding Your Mr. Right


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